Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This is probably entirely overkill

As you're no doubt aware, I'm a pretty dedicated (OK, completely dedicated) disciple of Mark McManus's THT training system, the free series of weight-training and lean-mass diet techniques from

I've been a fervent MuscleHacker for years. I believe in what the programs can help you accomplish. I've even helped friends lose weight (a LOT of weight) and regain their health with MuscleHacking.

Now, Mark has thrown nitroglycerine into a paint mixer with Jacked N Ripped. I have to say that I had a nice chat with Mark prior to getting into the program. He admitted that while it's a fantastic program, I was on the outlying edges of who the program was intended for. My bodyfat hovers around 10% (although it's about 11-12% currently) most of the time. I'm already in great physical shape. My only real detracting factor is my diet. Still, I was undaunted.

I know now what he meant by "the best work" he has ever done (in creating the new program).

I'm armed, primed and ready. I have the workout logs loaded and ready to go. I'll be starting mid-week, but then again that's nothing new to me. I don't like sitting around waiting for things to happen. Tonight is a mid-week start for Jacked N Ripped.

It's familiar to me and yet entirely new. This requires complete devotion from me for diet. It's different than how I've approached my eating over the last few years. I won't get into details, but this is a really, REALLY well thought-out program.

More news to come, but this is indeed more along the lines of TSPA in terms of the fact that it's a proprietary, closed-source program. I can't reveal exactly what makes up JnR. If you want in, and trust me... YOU DO... get a hold of Mark via his Facebook page and let him know.

Again, you WANT IN. Absolutely.

Train hard and lift smart, MuscleHackers.


P.S. - I will be offering updates, but they'll be non-technical, non-statistical and anecdotal in nature. I'll divulge as much as I can without giving away the content that Mark has worked so hard to compile and distill for everyone. I hope that you all can understand that.