Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meathead problems!

This week has become a complete litany of fun events. I shoveled a load of soil into the Ram (haven't felt like a farmer in ages!), got a damn good workout in yesterday and realized that I've once again joined the ranks of the (all-natural) meatheads.

What are "meathead problems"? Allow me to list but a few of them:

  • Unable to do most leg exercises with two legs (leg extensions, leg curls, standing calf raises) because you've maxed-out on the machine's weights.
  • That odd look you get when you spot a fellow lifter with two fingers on each side of his bench press.
  • Lamenting how slow the water fountain is at cooling the water (because you're always there between sets).
  • Griping about how your grip strength is slightly behind your dumbell trap shrug holding requirement. Now you need straps, you wimp.
  • Having to improvise on your workouts / breaking your sets into novel groupings just to make sure you're absolutely hitting yourself as hard as you can for maximum growth.
  • When you actually hit your second wind during cardio and realize you could do this for hours, much to the chagrin of those around you. Hello economy of motion!
  • Performing tasks that seem easy to you, then suffering the realization that "hey, not everyone can boulder straight up 20+ feet and haul themselves over an edge like an action movie stunt".
  • One of the only real exercises that pushes you to the point of breaking anymore is dead-lifting.
  • Having to scrutinize labels for carb, protein and healthy fat content, while not paying as much attention to "calories".
  • Planning your entire week solely around workouts - not work or time off, or recreational activities. Can. I. Get. In. One. More. Workout?!?
There's a bit of satire here, but not much. Working out is a lifestyle. For the dedicated, it's not a choice. All you're doing is adjusting your rest periods between workouts - nobody ever TRULY leaves.

Food for thought on this awesome Wednesday. :)


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