Friday, September 2, 2011

MONSTER update - legs, chest and abs done!

Life's like that sometimes. You start a post with the best of intentions and the next thing you know not only have you not finished it, you've also finished the next day in the week's run as well.

Leg day was an unapologetic success! I'm pushing hard to be well through 700lbs for leg press by the end of October. I'm really redoubling my efforts to grow my quads. I also smashed thru 200lb seated calf raises - this blew my mind because I did 180 as a "comeback" set last Friday and I wasn't sure if I could power through a full THT 4.0 Volume #1 leg day at my expected weight. I didn't have any pain on my HIT day, but I could feel I wasn't full back up to speed yet.

Chest day... WOW. Wow is the word of the day there. 220lbs for deep benches x 6, wrapped at 160lbs x 7. Pec deck is at 270lbs, heading for 280lbs next week/ Remember tho, these numbers are subjective. They work for me but they might not be applicable to your gear. They're like the points on the Drew Carey show - they just don't matter at the end of the day.

Abs were completely and utterly slaughtered. Tonight will be biceps / back. Tomorrow is triceps.

Can't wait to get this weekend started! Also, Oscar's article is done, as far as copy goes. I just need to find out why WP won't let me add pics to the post and it'll be submitted for review on

All the best for a great weekend, folks!


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