Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Week #5 THT 4.0 V1 shoulders done!

Well, I'm relying on my form history in Firefox to tell me what week I'm actually on here, with my ankle recovery and all. So, I'm going to call this week #5 of my THT 4.0 Volume cycle #1 run.

I smashed a plateau on my shoulder day yesterday. I busted out 160lbs overhead x 6, 150lbs x 7, 140lbs x 7, followed by 130lbs x 8 and 120lbs x 6. Also, delt raises (bent arm, dumbells) are up to 60lbs each x 8 and a second set of 60s x 5. Up next week - 65lb raises!

Also, shrugs were epic - 310lbs x 8, followed by 300lbs x 6, 290lbs x 8 and 280lbs x 7. I love when the last sets are less than the top sets... it shows just how tapped you are by the end of each portion of the sets. I didn't get my burnouts in yesterday, largely because I kept running into everyone that I knew after being gone for a week, as well as doling out a bit of training advice to a guy I had met a few months back who had some more questions. I wish I had a pic of him before he started MuscleHacking! I don't recall his name, we know each other by face and he had quite the pot belly a few months back. Now, he has seemingly lost ALL of his belly, and he's quite toned. Quite the shift over just a few months. He says he "follows what I recommend" from the MuscleHack site and he's eating a lower-carb diet. Not bad for just word of mouth!

Today is leg day. Today is a day where I'm looking forward to an entire 4.0 Volume workout because I haven't had a full, proper one since I was injured. My HIT workout last week was decent and I was able to work every body part without issue. So, onward and upward.

A new article is being compiled for your perusal over at MuscleHacker.com. Yes, this will be the article detailing my friend Oscar, the guy that has gone from 340lbs to 250lbs in just over a year. He has done it simply by changing his eating habits / diet and adopting a modified MuscleHack THT 3.1 HIT and Volume-based workout. Lots more detail will follow, as well as before and after pics!

Have a great day everyone! Train hard and lift smart!


PS - here are a couple of pics from after both a week off (on vacation, travelling) and a THT 4.0 HIT-style day last Friday. The pics were taken after the HIT workout. I was so tired, I couldn't even really flex my tricep in the front pic when I posed.

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