Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A dupe from the Progress Pictures addition

I was literally so trashed when I took this picture that I couldn't a) flex my biceps fully or b) get my upper arm parallel to the floor! I was exhausted!

This Thursday I'll be benching 260lbs for at least 5 reps. I'm also moving to 320lb deep hack squats. I'm also currently doing 225lb two-handed tricep pushdowns. This actually poses a problem as the machine only goes to 235lbs total weight. I'll have to move to solely single-handed pushdowns and extensions at that point. My entire training regimen hasn't so much progressed as exploded these last two weeks. I'm insanely excited to see how long I can keep pushing this level of gains for.

Have a great day, MuscleHackers! Train hard and lift smart!


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