Monday, October 24, 2011

Week #4 notes

So, another week and another stack of gains! This THT 4.0 HIT experiment is really producing results!

I can't explain it, other than it works for me and there's no guarantee that it will actually work for you. By all means, attempt it. But if it doesn't work, don't be disappointed. MuscleHacking is a science-backed training philosophy but my experiment is something... different. What I'm doing is as much a mental game with myself as anything else.

Notes and numbers on weeks 3 and 4 are up at

However, as is my custom, the blog gets the pics!

This week coming, I'll be benching 280lbs. This is an interesting number for me (yet another personal record), but something bears mentioning here: these are not classic bench press reps. I use a Smith machine with the catch pegs set above my chest so that if I were to let the bar rest on the catches, it would not impact my chest.

My reasoning for this workout is two-fold. One, chest press is already a compound exercise. I'm not hitting a big PCP (Peak Contraction Point) flex at the top of the rep. PCP is what really hits the muscle and creates growth. I won't deny that benching builds muscle, but physically-speaking it's not the most efficient way to build your chest up. Two, I use pec deck as my 3rd exercise (now, but it was my 2nd previously) to really hit my chest with as much of an isolation exercise as possible. This allows me to get that PCP flex happening that I mentioned above.

In doing so, I know I can bench a little less right to my chest. In reality, the numbers don't matter. They're simply a metric by which I can measure progress consistently. I know I'm not benching 280lbs "pure" this week - and that doesn't bother me a bit.

Have a great week, MuscleHackers! I'm looking forward to week #5!

Train hard and lift smart!


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