Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new year, new goals and new progress!

I have to admit that when I realized I was stepping back into the "normal" MuscleHack THT 4.0 workouts, I was feeling like I was downshifting a bit. However, we all know that if you're performing a MuscleHack workout correctly you'll have an interesting time leaving the gym afterward!

So, with my now-customary resolve I decided to hit the ground running. I have to say that this was honestly one of the hardest "shifts" I've done between cycles. For a good two weeks, I found myself having to fight with my weights for each exercise. The transition was actually making me a little crazy because between weeks 1 and 2 I'd be way up in some areas and then significantly down again on the same exercises in others. However, week 3 seems to have levelled out some and I'm making my progress again.

Here's a shot from this AM, long before I could be considered "awake". No pump, just my thankfully-usual shredded and lean physique. MuscleHacking gets you there - and keeps you there!

Have a great day all! Train hard and lift smart!


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