Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week #10 leg day done

The final week of this cycle is upon me. Leg day is done, and I managed to get in a workout in my newly-arrived MuscleHack tank top!

I was aiming for 240lbs x 9 for my opening squat... I ended up with 240lbs x 10. I then wanted 210lbs x 11 and ended up with 210lbs x 12.

As a treat to myself, I opted out of decline leg press and went for hack squats. I managed 450lbs x 8 (not bad after Smith machine squats) and then 410lbs x 10. Stiff leg deads were skipped due to back day being a couple of days earlier and I was still trashed from that one. I'll just make sure I get a really good back workout in this week. ;)

Finally, calf raises. To quote a Canadian hockey broadcaster, Joe Bowen, "holy mackinaw!"

Calf raises ended out the night at 190lbs x 10 (up from 190lbs x 8) and 170lbs x 12 (up from 170lbs x 10).

Final opinion? You need a MuscleHack tank top. OK, maybe I was having a really good night, but they're made from Gildan stock (been wearing their tees for years) and it's light as hell.

All the best for a great Wednesday folks! Chest and triceps tonight!

Train safely!


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