Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week #8 back day and thoughts - delayed

Morning all! Week #8's back day entry was delayed as I was compressed for time for a weekend road trip. Also, as you've already noticed, I'm a day behind. This would be because I took yesterday off of work so we could enjoy a Sunday dinner in Toronto and then drive home (fairly) unrushed on Monday.

Back day was truly a rewarding one. I managed to eke out a progression in deadlifts to not only regain my previous starting weight, but also to eclipse what was there before. Seated rows also progressed across the board, and overload dumbell rows are also up now - to 10 per side @ 105lbs. My lats are growing, slowly, but I'm pushing them to really get them moving. Leg day is today, and depending on the timing it might be chest / triceps day too.

My size is really starting to come up, and this is where I begin to falter (historically). I need to remind myself to eat a bit more, primarily proteins with a good spread of healthy fats and carbs too, to ensure that I can keep growing with lean muscle mass.

MuscleHacking is far more than just lifting weights, it's about giving yourself the complete set of tools that you need to cut the fat from your frame and build lots of lean muscle. It's about knowing that you're human - you can carb-up once in a while and survive the experience. It's about knowing that the builk of the "work" required to build muscle isn't work at all - it's proper food and proper rest. MuscleHacking is about putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together correctly - and then realizing that doing it right once isn't enough. It needs to be a lifestyle choice that you make for yourself. Lots of people choose to be lazy. They choose to eat bad foot constantly. They choose not to exercise (and then blame the world for their ill health). You can choose to be the polar oppoiste of all of that - a MuscleHacker. I'm quite happy that I'm one of "them". We'd love to have you as a MuscleHacker too.

All the best for a great Tuesday - and week!


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