Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week #2 in a foreign land

Sooooo... I've ate bad food, more bad food, some more bad food and then some good food. Then, some more good food and then some bad food. This is what happens when you're abroad and the most easily recognized food stuff is "hamburguesa". *facepalm* To be fair, I've had Subway a couple of times, but the staff there are really non-versed in English and I'm just now learning all my toppings in Spanish. Starbucks, on the other hand...

So, I've done 2 THT HIT 3.2-style workouts this week. Tonight's workout was even better than Sunday's. The weight "amounts" are all wrong because the machines is crap and doesn't move worth crap. It needs a full servicing. But, I've persevered and even managed to get in calves and legs on it. So, better than expected, honestly.

However, there's no substitute for my beloved 22 Wing gym. I can't wait to get home. I miss my babe and our furry boys. I miss Canadian food. I miss going for a drive in the (much!) cleaner air. I'm just a tied-to-the-land Canadian, I guess!

All the best for a productive and great week, folks!

Lift hard and train smart!



  1. I'm American, so....what is Canadian food? I live near Canada and have visited many many times, but it seems very close to American food. Except you guys ruin my iced tea by sweetening it. ;-) Plus, when in another country, you're supposed to eat THEIR food!!

  2. Canadian food reads as "food I can easily obtain in my home town". All the fresh stuff, good stuff and bad stuff that I can read from the menu / listings at the supermarket.

    In a foreign country, I eat whatever looks like I would normally eat - salads, chicken, fish (and the one grilled salmon salad I had was AMAZING), even burgers, pizza. Lots of food counts as "universal" with different spins on it depending on where you are. I just wanted to eat a high-protein, healthy fats and some whole grains diet while I was gone. It didn't happen, but it wasn't a total trainwreck either.