Friday, April 1, 2011

Week #8 shoulders done

Week #7 last week for shoulders day genuinely scared me. It almost seemed, even though I was recovering from a decent injury, that a plateau was imminent with my shoulders.

Boy, was I wrong! And I love being wrong!

Yesterday was one for the books - literally!

After my 2 weeks of lacklustre overhead press performance... I smashed out 150lbs x 8, a new personal best. I then managed gains on overhead dumbell press but then my elbow threatened to go on strike for dumbell delt raises. I still managed to do more with 45s than I had previously, but couldn't manage a set with the 50s to open as I had. Still, it was a great day. Even trap shrugged 310 for 8 reps to open that run up nicely!

Week #8 back day is today - and then a couple of days of relaxation before hitting Week #9 up.

Am I excited? Yup. For both back day and the days off? You bet!

Have a great weekend folks!

Train hard!


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