Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A quick note and some news

As always, our lives seem to keep us in constant flux. We have our longer-term constants, but short-term stuff loves to throw a monkey wrench into things. So, I'm now behind by a day but I'll catch up by Saturday.

Next week will be at least a part "week off" for me as we're heading out of town for a few days and I won't have access to any real weightlifting gear.

However, the positive side to this post is that I've had my first "article" published on Mark McManus's new website  - MuscleHacker. I was one of a lucky few from the MuscleHack community that was chosen to write for Mark's new site and I'm beyond thrilled that my first submission was posted already! If you like what you've been reading on here and you have a couple of extra minutes, please head over and have a look. I'll happily respond to your comments there or here!

So, it's a good start to a good day. Hitting the gym tonight is a definite thing. Knowing what life has in store for you around the next corner - not so definite.

In any event, go nuts and enjoy your day today because if you're not enjoying life, you're not really living.

All the best for a happy and productive day! Lift hard and train smart!


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