Monday, November 14, 2011

THT 4.0 Experiment Week #7 follow-up

These are my "follow-up" notes to week #7 of my -inspired experiment. Basically, I went insane. I decided that not only was Mark's workout program amazing but that I could turbo-charge it. So far so good. This is what happens when you rework the THT 4.0 HIT program.

So, I've encountered an interesting scenario in my training. My overhead press is now to the point where I'm unable to actually get the entire weight up off of the pegs but once it's in the air I can do my reps. I don't yet know whether that just means I'm that far along in my training or whether I need to revisit it some more. I'm inclined to believe it's the former thus far, as I can lift 5lbs less than my current working weight right off of the pegs. An interesting situation, that's for sure.

What I've been able to do is press the full weight up on the inside grip, but not the outside grip. So, I performed my sets for a couple of days and then asked a friend to help me "pop up" the weight off of the pegs on the universal machine. Once in the air, I was "back down" a couple of reps but I still hit my 5 reps @  180lbs. So, the jury's still out so far. My next cycle might eschew the universal machine (which isn't a bad idea as it's almost maxed-out) and go directly to dumbells for the same exercise.

I've posted up the week #5 and week #6 notes over at - you'll notice that the gains are still ridiculous. I figure by the end of the 10 weeks that I've decided to do this workout that I'll be progressing in smaller increments than what I've been managing thus far.

Happy item of note - yesterday, I benched 300lbs for 5 reps... and then I did 2 more reps after a short rest. Why more? I just had to do it again. It was SUCH a blast benching at 300lbs!

Oh, as is my custom of late - a pic from the end of Week #7.

So remember, your goals are obtainable. Mine are. Yours are. And remember that when you obtain them, set new ones!

Lift hard and train smart, Musclehackers!


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