Friday, November 18, 2011

THT 4.0 HIT Experiment vid - pec deck burnouts!

I think I honestly had one more rep "in" me, but my camera-phobia set in and I was left unable to do any more. See what the mental aspect of things can do to you???

I harassed my bud Oscar to take some more vid footage of me doing another burnout set. Eventually, over the next couple of weeks, I hope to video some of the actual components of the experiment. In truth the entire experiment, except for the burnouts, is completely based off of the MuscleHack THT 4.0 HIT cycle.

Also, a bit of news before the vid: I'll be doing up a FB page for the blog that Mark will likely tie into from the MuscleHack FB page. This will make it even easier to share my journey with everyone who has an interest in MuscleHacking - and my journey with it.

Now, the vid:

I make the funniest faces when I work out. :/

So, the usual disclaimers: I might not make it look that way, but that's a lot of weight. Please don't attempt that weight if you're not at that level in your training yet. Doubly so on the narrow-grip pec deck (I move 290 there). Work your way up in your weights and reps safely in your workout - continual gain in smaller steps is infinitely preferable to too much of a "jump" and an injury. If you're new to working out and you haven't been active for some time prior, consult your family doctor for an evaluation before starting a workout plan.

There'll be another update this weekend as time permits. I'm in the middle of Week #8 of my THT 4.0 HIT Experiment. So far, it's awesome! My plans when I'm done are to go to the 3-day THT 4.0 Volume workout.

Have a great weekend, MuscleHackers! Train hard and lift smart!


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