Thursday, July 7, 2011

THT 3.1 HIT cycle - COMPLETE

AND.... that's a wrap!

Another successful THT 3.1 cycle is complete, and it wasn't 100% true-to-form in my usual, inimitable fashion. I went over a month doing just one Mass component day per week. Summer and a new getaway place that we seem to visit every weekend kept me from doing more than periodic Consolidation-day workouts.Of course, we all make those choices consciously so I really have no one to blame in the end but myself.

With that said, I'm still enormously pleased with my results after this cycle. I have to honestly say that I can see the results, especially in my legs, shoulders and chest. Hell, I can see definite changes everywhere.

A snapshot of my progress: Benched 200 x 9 to start the cycle - ended at 240 x 6 (+1). Trap shrugged 240lbs to start, ended at 290 x 8 last night. Lat rows were all over, but progressed nicely (went between 3 separate exercises for the course of the workout cycle).Squatting was hack squats for 2 weeks, then went from 220 to 260 for Smith machine squats (to 90 degree knee bends). Calf raises, seated (one of my hardest parts to train), went from 180lbs to 200lbs. Triceps were a monster gain, up to 210lbs. Biceps were insane, cable curling 80lbs x 11 per side for form last night. I can do more weight for curls, but I get sloppy. This gives a nice, full-range curl.

Just remember, though: the numbers do NOT matter. The weight does NOT matter. I am not any "stronger" or "weaker" than the next guy, because the numbers don't matter - only your personal progress matters! What works for me weight-wise has nothing to do with what works for you. Lifting less than me doesn't make your progress any less significant - remember that!

On Sunday, I'm starting one of the two THT 4.0 Volume cycles - going from Sunday to Thursday so I can get maximum trailer/fishing time in with my babe.

Which one do you think I should do? I'm honestly split 50/50 either way right now. Leave your comments here or at the MuscleHack FB fan page!

Train had and lift safely!


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