Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week #10 THT 3.1 HIT Day #1 done!

Yesterday was a welcome change in pace. In other words, we were late to the gym and had to bust our asses to finish the day before close at 9PM! Apparently they're on "summer hours" now until September, which means no 10PM close at all. Bummer.

I just need to go back tonight and hit my delts and lats. We only had 45 minutes in the gym and I just didn't have quite enough time.

With that said, my THT 3.1 HIT Mass workout went perfectly! I cut back on my overhead press, benched a critical set (220 x 12 + 1) and hit big gains where I needed them (260lbs x 10 for Smith machine squats, 200 x 9 for seated calf raises). Theoretically, I have 2 days left in the gym this week, not counting tonight's quick run.

I'm not looking forward to leaving THT 3.1 HIT, but I am looking forward to getting back on to a Volume-type workout - and THT 4.0 Volume is really looking good right now. If you don't have your free copy of the book, go and grab it now! Also, Mark has created the THT 4.0 Voluime 3-day routine for those of us with extra-tight schedules who still want a Volume-style workout. The man is a machine for creating wicked workout programs for us! Thanks Mark!

On an unrelated note, I'm getting tired of all of the "Royals" Canadian trip coverage. Few know this outside of my circle of friends and family, but I don't have "Cable" TV (anymore) or satellite (yet). I refuse to pay exorbitant pricing for a handful of shows we might find interesting. We get all of our news from all over the Internet - including those selfsame TV stations' websites. Now, even my favourite news websites are slathered in "Royals" articles. Please. Stop. The madness. We're Canadians, we've been our own country for over 140 years, we really don't need a meaningless figurehead that we throw tax money at to tell us what and what isn't a law - we already have Stephen Harper for that. William and Kate seem like nice people but I cringe and then anger a tad at the sight of people bowing and scraping to two people who don't really do anything to further our country (aside from secondary tourism and memorabilia markets). at all.

Whew! Rant over!

Train hard and have a great day everyone!


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