Thursday, July 14, 2011

THT 4.0 V1 Chest and abs day done! Back and biceps too!

Hooookay. This was a lesson in "how do I lift this much weight?" The answer to said question is: carefully and focus on downsizing my progressive sets. This way by far the most trashed I've ever been after a chest workout. The same goes for my abs.

The new THT 4.0 Volume #1 cycle allows you to really isolate your chest well with cabled pec deck workouts, while also hitting it with the extra beefy goodness of bench presses. The end result is that you feel like a million bucks after the workout, but flexing for progress shots takes serious concentration. OK, you feel like a million exhausted bucks.

EDIT - everything after this point is written today, July 12th. I had meant to finish this post yesterday but I ran out of time. Figures. At least I can incorporate things in from last night's wokrout as well!

On that note, my chest is seriously feeling it this morning! 2 days later, I'm reminded of how people can make such drastic changes for themselves using Mark's amazing programs. I can flex my pecs, but it feels like my chest is flexing every muscle fiber independently.

Last night was back / biceps night. I'll attack this one right out of the gate by mentioning that I missed my decline lat pull-overs last night and subbed in an extra set of dumbell rows to make up for it. I just couldn't get cable station time. Biceps went markedly better than that, but I've also decided that as of next week, my final barbell curls set will be followed by at least a single set of single-handed cable curls. Mentially, I need that isolation exercise to help myself grow. Other than that it was an amazing THT 4.0 Volume workout.

Triceps are tonight. I'm really enthused about the fact that triceps get their own day. Something about that just makes a lot of sense to me.

Have a great day everyone. Train hard and lift smart!


PS - I've often been told that I don't "flex my abs". This is actually a mental trap of mine wherein my abs have always been hard to train up, and to notice their increase, because of my tall frame. So, I decided to give a good pec / abs flex a shot. If I'm pretty impressed, that says a lot because I'm still my own toughest critic. You can judge for yourself!


  1. I can't believe how much you bulked up since the update before this one! You're a machine aren't you!

  2. *Bows* You're too kind! I do what I can. I just eat right (most of the time), lift properly and mentally focus myself on making my progressions in weight and reps - this is THE most important part.

    But really, thank you. :)