Thursday, May 19, 2011

THT 3.1 HIT Week #3, Mass day done

In life, even with a certain plan for yourself, you need to think outside the box. Once in a while, opportunities will present themselves and it's up to you to discern whether they're worth following through or not.

Last night, I had an idea. I've been doing well leading off my HIT nights with Smith rack squats, but the last two or three nights I've been leading off with Smith rack bench press. Tonight, I'd not only do exactly that, but I would also shoot for no less than 210lbs x 6 to open - up from 200 x 10 last week.

Not only did I hit that, I short-rested and then banged out two more clean reps. I marked it down as "210 x 6" in my logs to promote even progression, however. :) It was a good night all around, and another stand-out surprise was my overhead press - 150lbs x 9, up two reps.

So, my conundrum is that I'll need to hit the gym early Friday afternoon because of the holiday long weekend here and we'll be heading out to the camp later on that day. Having said that, I'm looking forward to several days and nights right out by the water. We can't fish yet (for bass), but I enjoy sitting on the deck with a good book and a coffee just the same.

All the best for a great Thursday (Thorsday!) folks!



  1. Nice!!! Congratz on the new gains. I had a question about squats. I just see various different grips people use and wondered which was best. I attached 3 links of examples.

  2. Hey bud,

    I only do the first one. I've seen guys do the second, never the third, and I refuse to do them any other way. If I ever attempted the second or third method, I'd make sure to use a Smith machine at first to get the mechanics right. It just seems like way too much core work to keep it tight in form. I do #1 with a Smith machine so I can keep a constant motion, proper motion, and devote a little more energy to the weight moved.

    Thanks for the support, Tony. We should hit the gym one day this week together!