Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week #4 THT HIT Mass Day #1

Well, life is nothing if not interesting. Case in point - I only got in one workout last week. While at home. Within range of my gym. FAIL. Add in a long weekend where I ate so-so and I'm really missing the gym right now. Guess where I'm going tonight after work?

Believe it or not, I'm going to be pushing for gains today. My own laziness is not an excuse. Plus, I did get some decent wood splitting exercise in this weekend, ran the dog some, so it's not a total wash. Positivity is key - without it, you're doomed to the same past you were stuck in before you decided to get off the couch and make something of yourself.

So, today is Day #1 of Week #4 of THT 3.1 HIT. Going to hit the gym, lift hard, sweat and swear and make my gains. Because I can. It's that simple.

Make everything you do "that" simple in execution and you'll never fail. You can plan all you want, analyze all you want and run your mouth all you want before you set foot in that gym / hockey rink / office. Once it's time to put up, just do it. Make it as simple as possible, with the least chance for complication or failure as possible and you're set.

Have a great week eveyone!


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