Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week #2 THT HIT Mass day done

So, yesterday was going to be the "real" test. Week #2, THT HIT Mass day #1, on a new cycle after a 2 week "break". Would I gain or would I be stuck in a rut?


Happily for me, I gained everywhere! (in reps, that is) Benching was particularly awesome (up 2 reps @ 200lbs), so was tricep extensions (205lbs x 12). Also, bicep curls rocked, and I slaughtered myself with two sets of abs. A breakout surprise was my weight-added pullups - 8 x bodyweight + 60lbs, a new personal best!

My new abs regimen is two sets on "on" days, and 1 set of abs on off days. Literally, I'll hit the gym for abs and some deadlifts to keep my lower back tuned-up.

So, with today off for recovery I'm shooting to do a little grocery shopping after work, take a few things out to the new camp and just recover in general.

Tomorrow is moar weight for some exercises, moar reps and just moar badassery all around! Yes, I made that last part up. You can't be too badass in Canada, or "they" will throw you in jail. No thanks, I'd rather stay in the gym I have now.

Have a great day, folks!

P.S. - today is the 10th anniversary of the passing of one of the best Fiction writers of all time, Douglas Adams. Remember that Towel Day is May 25th. ALWAYS know where your towel is.



  1. Somebody stop this man! We're gonna need moar police!

  2. Haha Leigh, I see you're hammering away at your own progres! Congrats! Keep going man!