Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week #5 - progress?

There's a question mark as I'm unsure. I had one workout last week - a week ago today. I've kept busy with chores around the house, working on the project Focus (lots of torque needed to free up rusted bolts) and working on the camp - but I've had zero time for the gym. This does not please me at all.

So, I'm back at it again tonight after work. All you can do after you fall is to pick yourself back up again. Perhaps everything I need to know in life I've been reminded of by the recent Batman movies. Hmm.

I'm going for no less than what I lifted last week at the gym. I'm fired up and I'm angry. I'm possibly even over 9000. I'm not settling and I'm not quitting. Quitting is for people who aren't me.

Have a great day folks!


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