Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week #4 THT HIT Mass Day done!

I love playing mind games with myself.

I went into last night's workout with the determination that I COULD NOT FAIL. In truth, I didn't. I only banged out a half extra rep for overhead press, but it was still that 10th rep that I didn't do last week. How can I not be pleased with myself?

Actually, I have a confession to make. Last night, I sat down to bench 210lbx x 8 reps (or better) to make my progression on chest for the night. True, it adds triceps but we're splitting hairs here now! Focus! Anyway, I banged out 8 really nice reps. Then, I just laid there on the bench for a minute and thought to myself, "can I do at least one more?"

In reality, I could do two more. Hard, slow reps that I had to fight for, but I managed to hit out two more. I brought that same intensity to the rest of my night (as I was leading off with chest) and I have to say that some days I genuinely surprise myself still when in the gym.

Also, I'm adding a few pics I took last night. Watch for one element that I didn't notice until today, after I took my pics. Here's a hint, it's legit and it's south of my waist, but it shouldn't get me arrested for mentioning it in public.

Caught it yet? My quads, specifically my left in the one shot. What did you think I was referencing? :P

Have a great day and lift hard folks!


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