Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week #5 Day #1 done.

Or, how to progress after a week off, across the board. Not really sure how the hell that works, but it WORKS. Stunning number of the day #1: benched 210lbs for 9 consecutive reps, then did 1 more to show my pecs who's boss. Stunning number of the day #2: deep squatted 220lbs for 10 reps, far more than the 8 I had expected. Stunning number of the day #3: 150lbs x 11 reps overhead press, well past 9.5 reps last week. Stunning number of the day #4: 55lb dumbell delt lat raises - 10 reps. WHOA.

Summary of the day? AWWWWW YEEEAAAAAAH! A wicked gym run all-around. Biceps were blasted, triceps were obliterated, calves were slaughtered, kneeling ab crunches were EPIC.

Bring on day #2.

Henceforth, all such efforts will be referred to as "Like a Mando" or "Like a Mando'ade". Clearly, a workout of such intensity and results is beyond Earthly constraints. :)

Have a great Wednesday all!


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