Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another great HIT cycle workout!

Chris came up last night to 22 Wing for a full-on HIT cycle Mass day. He didn't shy away, either! I think he was really surprised with some of the weight he could move.

It's like I explained to him last night: the world fears (and oftentimes shuns) what it doesn't understand. If you're "ripped" and in shape, then to a lot of people there's automatically something wrong with you that's making you work out to that level - whatever that level is.

If you want to better yourself for just about any reason, that should be good enough for "the world". If you're tired of being out of shape, work out and eat better! Your body and your mind will thank you for it! If this "elevates" you above most folks, don't sweat it. Instead, try to educate them as to why you're doing it. You might even win a few over and get them moving!

But - back to the weights! The shoulder re-invention day seemed to go well. I set a starting point again and I'll work on progressing on Thursday. Everything else is coming up nicely. WIde-grip pulldowns are kicking my ass of late, but I figure that's for the best. If I have to work THAT hard to move that weight, it's gotta be good for me. :)

So, an off night for me but a coaching session with Tony (last Sunday's second winner). He has a major leg up as he's currently doing THT Volume as his introduction to MuscleHack. However, a HIT day is  an all-in-one day vs. doing a Volume single body part day. He's gonna feel it after this one. :)

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