Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nutrition find of the week!

So... Amanda and I are out shopping last night and we stumble upon the perfect source (for now) for all of my peanut butter cravings - Kraft All-Natural Peanut Butter at Walmart of all places!

I've been meaning to get into buying all-natural peanut butter, but the cost vs size deal does make it a tad prohibitive. However, for now, this is a sensible way to get started. No preservatives, no salt, no sugar, just roasted peauts.

Amanda tried some this morning and said it wasn't for her. :) That's ok, more for me! :D

I enjoy peanut butter on brown or whole-grain bread, on crackers in a pinch, as well as a part of homemade protein bars. It's a great protein source.

HIT Mass tonight. Revamping a few workouts starting tonight. This should be interesting.

You should always be analyzing what you're lifting - to see if you're cheating at it anywhere, if you can make form or weight/rep improvements. Don't be overly critical of yourself - negativity will only set you back. Instead, think about your progress thus far in light of what the numbers show and then assess if there's any immediate work to be done.

For me, it's dropping a bit of weight on my cable curls and focusing on lots of clean reps in the set. I can curl 10-11 reps @ 195 lbs, but I need to split the set too often to get there. So, drop the weight and work on one continuous set. The same thing with my triceps. Going to drop it by 15lbs and go for a complete set of at least 9-10 reps at that weight (185 for the new weight today). Also revamping pull-downs and maybe dropping 10lbs on my calf raises.

It's a mental booster to be able to lift that much, even with split sets, but each time I start a new cycle that Mark McManus has written, I try to get closer and closer to the "gospel" version. He has laid out one hell of a foundation for all of us to build on - we just need to use the tools properly. ;)

I'm definitely not knocking my progress, I just want to make the most out of my time in the gym. That's one of the main reasons I MuscleHack (because it stays true to Mark's word) - More Muscle. Less Fat. Less Time.

Hapy lifting!


UPDATE: All-natural peanut butter. Sounds innocent enough eh? Don't forget to STIR IT! Having said that, it was absolutely delicious as part of my lunch today.

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