Monday, January 31, 2011

Final Winner Announced - "MuscleHack for a Day"

Well, thanks to my best bud Oscar, we have our latest winner. Nick Reed, an old college buddy of mine, will get to go up to 22 Wing with his drop-in fee for the day paid by yours truly. He'll get a full HIT Mass workout, straight from guru Mark McManus's Total Anabolism 3.1.

I'm especially interested in getting Nick's opinion of a THT-style workout as he's a current P90 devotee. I've checked out P90X before and I wasn't that stoked on it. I'm not a "do it do it" guy that can be coached by a video. I need to learn the theory and the practical and then just do it myself.

So, two workouts are pending for the lucky winners! Can't wait!

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