Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week #2's second winner gets a HIT workout!

So... I dragged Tony up to the 22 Wing gym tonight and gave him a pretty decent HIT cycle workout. I was a little more intense with him as he's currently on Week 6 of his THT Volume cycle. I could already tell that he was in MUCH better shape than the last time that I saw him.

He powered through his MuscleHack workout like a champ on all fronts - even on the exercises that he had just done the day before (in body part type). I was impressed! Even though it was my recovery day I did a few of this and that, mostly at lower weights, to show him the functional part of each workout as it pertains to HIT as a cycle.

We then finished hard as both he and I did a complete set of full-on trap shrugs. If there's one exercise I never tire of doing, it's trap shrugs. :D Nothing triggers muscle growth like trap shrugs for that "peaked", effortless muscular shoulder.

So, back at it again tomorrow after work for Mass Day #2 this week. And, I'll get to have a nice pork roast supper with my babe as my reward. :)

Now, if only the weather would make up its mind - January, or April. Pick one.

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