Sunday, January 16, 2011

Draw #2 - winners announced!

Congrats to Tony Lefevbre and Chris Rowe,  the winners of draw #2! Each week's winners get their drop-in fees paid for by me, as well as a full MuscleHack HIT cycle Mass workout day! This workout is not geared so much to full-blown growth, but more of a walk-through to teach them how to perform the exercises correctly and to ensure that they're using proper form. Once they're on their way, they can determine their proper "starting weights" for a true THT workout - rep to failure within 8-12 reps!

Just a reminder, you can still sign up for this contest if you live in the North Bay, ON area - just hit this note and send me a message or leave a comment indicating that you want to be entered into the contest! Draw #3 is next Sunday, before 7PM, where one winner will be picked.

Also,  be sure to check out the MuscleHack Fan Page to get the latest news and info from THT's creator, Mark McManus!

A quick note - while this contest is supported in notion by Mark, it is NOT run by him in any way. I have his permission to use the material from his free e-book, Total Anabolism 3.1, as I pay it forward and help others learn to MuscleHack. I'm not charging for my time or services, I'm simply helping others learn how to get in shape and build lean muscle mass. That's it.

Until next time, MuscleHackers!


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