Monday, January 31, 2011

Well, that was entertaining

Soooo... I have to fess up. I missed a Consolidation workout and then became a hypocrite in the same day. Eventful, no?

I dodged the Cons workout on Saturday (which would have been the "right" day for me because of work obligations, or at least appointments which I had hoped would come to pass. They didn't. So, I resolved to do one Sunday.

Fail #2. It was Amanda's only day off that week and I elected to spend the day with her, as well as keeping the one work appointment a day late (due to scheduling reasons at the other end).

To top it off, I went to hockey last night. And I was soundly rewarded with a puck in the ankle - a full-on snapshot from one of the better guys on our night, too. Nothing broken, but I'll be feeling this one for a few days.

So, redemption. Gym tonight, and as my penance I'm building in some deadlifts first-off, followed by dips part way through.

The elbow is still sensitive to pressure in certain directions, but nowhere near as much now. Direct leaning-on-it pressure is possible, so that tells me that it's healing - slowly. After a quick pang of pain putting on the elbow pad last night at hockey, I miraculously got through the entire 1h 20m skate without issue (aside from the aforementioned shot block). Even potted a few, too. As the saying goes, "the sun even shines on a dog's ass some days" or somesuch.

This week's revelation, surprisingly, is power. Raw acceleration 50 minutes into the game is almost ludicrous. "Stepping around" a few guys on the ice is easier, and partly because I'm sure that they're shocked and don't expect that level of "oomph" from me.

I still have stone hands half the time when I'm shooting, but hey - that's me to a T.

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