Friday, January 14, 2011

A contest - reposted from Facebook

Here's the deal. I'll pick up to 4 people, at random, from a list of those who contact me and ask to be entered into the draw.

Once a week, I'll take one winner up for a workout at 22 Wing's Health and Wellness Center (gym) in North Bay, ON, and pay their drop-in fees for the day. We'll work through an entire MuscleHack "HIT" cycle workout; for your first time, I won't hit you with annywhere near the same intensity I do unless you're already fairly fit and willing. Otherwise, it'll be 2 sets per exercise at a lower weight than I'd normally recommend for familiarization's sake.

All I ask of you in return is the following:
  • Check out Mark McManus's website -
  • If you're interested in the workout after checking out his website, register for his free e-book, Total Anabolism 3.1, and start reading through it.I'd also recommend "liking" the MuscleHack page here on FB as well - lots of candid discussions there, including Mark's input!
  • If you're still interested in the chance to get in a full MuscleHack workout, either comment on this note or send me a message through FB.
Each week, I'll pick one person at random from "the list" - those who have expressed interest. If you're not picked the first week, you're still in it for weeks 2, 3 and 4. I'm hoping to have enough interest from all of you so that I can make my pick on Sunday evening and notify the winner then. Ideally, all picks will be on Sunday nights. We can then decide what night works for each person and hit the gym then.

Lastly, the quasi-legal mumbo jumbo:
  • I am not a certified personal trainer. I will show you exactly how to do each exercise as I would always do them; all exercises can be done without the need for barbell-based free plate weights so as to maintain a level of safety that "new" workout folk wouldn't have otherwise. If the fact that I'm not a CPT is a problem for you, and I understand completely if it is, please do NOT enter.
  • This is NOT a business endeavour of mine. I'm not selling you my services as a trainer. I'll answer any questions you have and if I can't give you a meaningful answer, I'll likely direct you to the MuscleHack fan page. :) I just want to see people become healthier by their own devices and if I can help them get there, that's great!
  • I will NOT be in the process of hard-selling Mark's for-pay training products to you. My blunt opinion is that all of his e-books are worth having, both the free and the for-pay ones. I have Total Six-Pack Abs, and it's a great program. Mark seriously knows his stuff. We'll be working from the free e-book material at the gym, and I won't leave you hanging on how to do things properly.
  • Only one session per winner (where I pay the drop-in fees). The nice thing is that 22 Wing lets you drop in as often as you want and it's cheap ($6.50 for the day, and I believe that includes pool access). I'm more than happy to work out with anyone that wants a partner for a MuscleHack workout - if you want to drop-in or if you have a 22 Wing membership, let me know!
  • This is me "paying it forward", as I said I would as one of my New Year's resolutions. This is a friendly "contest" being run by me, not by Mark, solely for the purpose of trying to help get people moving and motivated.
As for the outside-of-North Bay folk, I'm not sure what to do honestly. There's no real way for me to help someone train unless it's remotely via Live Messenger or something like that, which is awkward when at the gym. I'll think about it and see if I can come up with something.

I think that covers everything. If you have any questions, ask away below or fire me a message.

UPDATE - our first winnner, Jeff  Davis, attended 22 Wing CFB's gym with us on Monday,  January 10th. He had a blast and has since returned on the 13th. I'd say he's hooked already! Next draw is this Sunday, January 16th.

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