Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ahh HIT workout, I'll miss you

Sometimes, you just realize that something is working so well for you, you're almost adverse to giving it up.

Last night was one of those nights. I banged out my reps on my new weight for hack squats, then went deep for 90lbs less again. My legs quivered for a few after that run.

Then, I managed a full set of two-handed standing cable curls, my first time at that since injuring my elbow. It's not 100% yet, but it's far better than it was. And last night's rep-to-failure made it feel that much better, both physcially and psychologically.

The shoulders have been coming up nicely too. I've been dodging cabled lat raises but I think Wednesday I'll give them another shot. My chest has been feeling great lately, but I can't wait to get onto THT 2.0 and shake it up some more.

I'm absolutely stoked to get going with THT 2.0, but I really don't want to leave Total Anabolism 3.1 behind.

Oh well, as the new saying goes: those who can, MuscleHack. Those who can't just aren't MuscleHacking.


  1. Yeah, I was doing 3.1 for about 6 weeks before xmas. I noticed gains even in that short amount of time. It's a good program.

  2. I just got back from my 2nd day of HIT Week 1. I am dead! My abs are tired, my shoulders dunno what hit them, my calfs....don't get me started. The only reason why I'm still standing is because I need to get to the kitchen. FOOD!!! Its the kinda hunger which only hits you after an intense workout!
    I saw your leg recommendation on facebook, about trying a lower weight and go down as far as one can. I think I may try that, because I'm feeling a bit a of lower back ache when doing the squats and I dont really feel the strain on my hamstrings and glutes. Like you said its not the numbers that matters but doing the exercises correctly!

  3. Welcome dk!

    I'd also make sure that you're getting your lower back work in on Consolidation days. In fact, after your first Mass day of a given week, you might want to do another lower back workout (deadlifts of some sort) just to ensure you're tuned up enough over time.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, my lower back is susecptible to bitching and likely even injury if I don't take care of it. So, I work it out extra between Mass days when my schedule allows. If you're doing it correctly, you can easily do this at least one extra time per week. Lots of guys find, myself included, that once you get into a program like Total Anabolism (any form), your lower back lags behind the rest of you for development and general health.

    A little bit of proactive work never hurts - just lift correctly!

  4. Leigh - TA the first time through for me torched a lot of my body fat, which was strategically hidden in my lower abdomen and legs for the most part - not a "lot" by any stretch of the imagination, but far more than I needed. My first couple of cycles cut me down, and the last couple have just been building me up since.

  5. yeah Consolidation has deadlifts in it if I remember correctly. But should I do some extra lower back exercises as well on the Consolidation? Like good mornings or stiff-legged deadlifts?
    Thanks for the info Adam and good luck with THT 2.0!

  6. For lower back alternatives / switch-ups, I do lean-forward incline back extensions with a plate or dumbell, kind of like a suspended deadlift.

    You can get into planks and such, but that's not for me. I just go between deadlifts and incline back extensions.