Thursday, June 9, 2011

A fundraising notice

I've been involved in the SETI@Home project for 9 years now. I've contributed hardware and LOADS of CPU time over the years. It's one of only two non-medical scientific distributed computing projects that I belong to.

S@H is using Flattr to allow people from all over the world to donate to their charitable causes and recipients of choice. I've begun using Flattr just recently in order to contribute to SETI@Home, but it also occured to me that I could use Flattr to bring a little extra revenue in to the site.

With the money donated by Flattr users, 50% will go to the Canadian Cancer Society and 50% will go to Mark McManus - the creator of Also, you can support these worthy recipients by clicking on ads shown here that interest you as I'm also a Google AdSense publisher.

I'd recommend checking out Flattr as it seems to be taking off and it's a great way to do micro-donations to many worthy causes all at once. There's even the option to have recurring payments set-up so that you can contribute monthly to your chosen recipients.

Have a great day all!



  1. Awesome idea, any time I'm on here I click the ads.

  2. Awesome for the fund raising. Because you decided to start fund raising for both cancer + Mark, I decided to ordered my TSPA today. Look forward to starting the TSPA journey Monday.

  3. Thanks bud! I've been doing distributed computing for protein folding (Rosetta@Home, Folding@Home) for well over 6 years now. Not quite as long as SETI@Home, but decent.

    The PS3 client for Folding@Home makes it easy, as F@H hasn't always had the best clients for users with newer, multi-core machines and good GPUs.

  4. nice! I've been looking at the SETI@Home, I got the client up n running (nice easy deb) but it hasn't been able to connect to host yet. I haven't had time to look to see why.

  5. Make sure you're running the BOINC client for Debian and then connecting to the project from there. Also, you'll need to create an account for S@H. They have scheduled weekly downtime, so if you try during that window, you're skunked. Call me or message me on FB if you need a hand.