Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week #6 Day 1 done

Much, much better. Yesterday was a wicked success. I'll be resetting my seated cable rows, working on form over raw weight for trap shrugs and keep working up my overhead press on Wednesday.

At this rate, I'll be benching 220 for reps next Monday. Also, Smith machine squats are on target - I did 230lbs x 8 last night. Cabled single curls hit hard, too. I didn't, however, get a chance to perform my "finisher" arm exercises of underhanded pull-ups with plate weights.

This is the "ultimate power" of a MuscleHack THT workout. Specifically, the THT 3.1 HIT workout. You can stand to screw up for a bit, but if you're really, REALLY driven you might not see any setbacks. So far, my only setback was my overhead press by 1 rep.

This is MuscleHacking, folks! Get into it!

Also, geek update: the cinematic intro for Star Wars: The Old Republic is up on www.swtor.com. EPIC. That is all. Can't wait for it to come out to retail.

Have a great Tuesday folks!


P.S. here's a pic from yesterday. Seems I'm finally starting to "fill out" some more!

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