Tuesday, June 21, 2011

THT 3.1 HIT Week #8 Day #1 done

There's only one way to properly celebrate the fact that you've been included in the latest THT Training Guide - you head to the gym! So, I did. Man, did I ever work for those gains!

My weekend was a typical weekend for me of late - good food, some carbing-up, relaxation and some fishing. Fishing doesn't always count as relaxation when the worms are disappearing faster than your previous records!

Yesterday was no slouch. I benched 220lbs x 9 to open the day (progression!), and then I added 2 more reps as a celebratory hit. It felt good. Also, it was a red-letter day in that I overhead pressed 160lbs x 6 - not a "gospel"opening set, but huge for me nonetheless as my shoulders are amongst my weakest and hardest-to-progress areas. Well, maybe not the weakest anymore. ;)

Also, pretty much everything else was a walk - gains everywhere. I didn't progress on delt raises, but I was tired - this was my last set before abs - and given my overhead progress, I didn't let it bring me down. I'll just make sure I progress on Wednesday. :)

So, that's a wrap for THT 3.1 HIT Mass Week #8 Day #1. I'll be finishing this cycle (a classic 10 weeks) and then likely launching directly into THT 4.0 Volume Cycle #1. I will be making a chronological adaptation that moves my "workout week" to Sunday-Thursday as we do like to head to the lake for the weekend on Friday afternoons.

Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank Mark McManus once again for including me in the THT 4.0 e-book. It's a huge honour to be a part of something that gives back to the bodybuilding/lean mass community. I'm always happy to answer questions about my training via here, the MuscleHack FB page or via my FB account.

Finally, a word for any new readers: the ad revenue here will be split between the Canadian Cancer Society and as a donation to Mark McManus. The CCS is my #1 priority Canadian charity and Mark, well... he definitely deserves our support! I also have a Flattr link you can use as well. All donations will be made as "Rep To Failure's Author and Readers". So, please, click those ads or hit the Flattr button. It's greatly appreciated!

I'm back in the gym Wednesday, but keep those questions coming! Lift safe and train hard! Have a great Tuesday all!



  1. Congratz on the celebrity status. The new book is an awesome read. Hats off to you on the new gains and to Mark for the release of the book.

  2. Thanks bud, but I'm hardly a celebrity! THT 4.0 is indeed awesome. Mark puts in so much time on us, it's insane.