Friday, June 3, 2011

Week #5 Day #2 -Part #1?!?

An interesting development came to pass. After yesterday's gain-recording bench press and Smith squats, my arms rose up in rebellion and refused to let me curl my "top" weight for the day. In fairness, my arms and back haven't had ANY time off this week as I've been moving massive amounts of firewood around for the camp. My boss cut down a bunch of trees and has been giving the felled wood to me - a massive savings over having to buy the stuff. So, over two uility trailler loads later, I'm toasted.

I'll be hitting the gym today after work to finish my Day #2 of THT HIT 3.1. As it stands, I feel solid today after that squat and bench session, like a Mack truck I suppose. :)

I'm also re-skipping ball hockey as it seems to re-anger my still-recovering elbow and perpetuates my issues with lifting.

So, back in the gym tonight to close out Mass Day #2. I can't wait!

Also, as an aside - Mark, I'm pulling for you, buddy. I know you're going through some stuff but you'll get through it. If anyone can run a business while dealing with everything in front of you and still be a great father to his daughter, it's you. You've been a stand-up guy all along and I'm sure you're not going to change from being that way. If I can EVER do anything for you, you know how to get a hold of me.

Happy Friday folks! Lift smart and train hard!



  1. Congratz on blowing away your bench mark. I've been slacking, I haven't went for about 2 weeks now since I started a major manual labour job. What is recommended when you're doing heavy work all day, a full THT? Or is there any thoughts of doing 1/2 work out n so forth. Am just curious.

  2. I'd say do a full THT HIT Mass and allow an extra day's recovery due to your daily exertions, bud. Try that and see how you do.

  3. Ah well no need to worry. Took 1 day off to write the CN entry exam. Apparently pissed the employer off and let me know.