Friday, June 24, 2011

Week #8 THT 3.1 HIT final update

So, you might have guessed by now that Day #2 didn't happen. Once again, forces conspire against me to halt my progress in the gym. I'm not impressed at all.

For just over the last momth or so, I've had a chalazion - a blocked oil gland on my upper left eyelid. It has been largely kept at bay by antibiotic eye drops, but lately it has grown some more and my family doctor felt that something needed to be done about it. So, Wednesday, we lanced it with a small needle but that only removed a tiny bit of whatever was in there. He then referred me to an eye specialist who actually performed a couple of incisions under the eyelid. This has proved to be most useful in draining off what is inside and there's a marked improvement this morning.

Of course, this annoyed / freaked me out to no end so I was pretty useless Wednesday after the needle and then yesterday afternoon after the incisions.

All of this adds up to the fact that I'll have to settle for being back on the gym on Sunday or Monday, depending on when we get home from Toronto this weekend.

Hopefully I'll keep up my recent trend of gains with only one gym run per week. It's not the progress  rate I wanted but still, progress is progress. Negativity only hurts you in the end.

Have a great weekend everyone!


EDIT - Also, there have been requests for my eating habits, favourite workouts, schedule, etc. I'm going to create a new page on the blog for this as an open forum to discuss what I do and what I eat. I'll work on that this weekend as time allows.

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  1. Get well soon bud, hopefully it's not your "winking' eye or the wink+the gun will have to retire.