Monday, June 20, 2011

THT 3.1 HIT Week #8 - a quick note

So, apparently THT 4.0 is due to drop today, according to Mark McManus over at the Facebook MuscleHack fan page. I'm excited and more than a little nervous! I've been on Mark's website before as a testimonial, complete with pictures, but I never expected to be included in one of the training guides as a testimonial.

Thanks Mark! I'm honoured to be a part of the MuscleHack community and even more so as a possible inspiration to other MuscleHackers!

Week #8 THT 3.1 HIT is tonight! I'm likely going to finish out this cycle of THT 3.1 HIT at 10 weeks as proscribed and then move on to a THT 4.0 cycle. Can't wait to hit it hard!

Have a great Monday (and week) everyone! Train hard and lift smart!


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