Thursday, June 16, 2011

THT 3.1 HIT Week #7 update

Point of interest: I've been doing single-day weeks for long enough now that I've messed up the cell order in my Excel worksheet. All of this week's entries are on last week's Wednesdau columns. :(

Second point of interest: I ran out of (metaphorical) gas yesteday at the gym. Need to go back today for shoulders, back, traps, wrist curls and abs. Otherwise, I'm continuing my freakish gains - benched 220 x 8+2, squatted 240 x 9, curled 90 x 10 (cabled single), tricep extensioned 225 x 8 (full stack). THT 3.1 HIT Mass days are KILLER!

Let's discuss the last one quickly.Months ago, when I was doing THT HIT Mass, I was doing about 195 lbs. When I flipped over to THT 2.0 Refix, I was down around 180 for my chest/tricep days and then ultimately ended up around 195 again. This bears noticing because when you're doing lots of pre-exhaust, it still affects your opening numbers and technically lowers them. You're still repping to failure, but with less weight.

On to this THT HIT cycle. I started at 195lbs and now I'm at 225. That's a hell of a progression. I do credit secondary isolsated single arm sets as being part of this. My triceps, while strong, have always felt / "looked" under-developed to me. So, this cycle especially, I've been working extra hard to get them to build out. They're definitely getting there, and the significant increase in strength shows just that.

So, tonight's workout is going to be short and sweet, followed by much swearing and splitting of firewood. I leave you with a totally unrelated-to-weightlifting picture, one that I took last weekend at our getaway spot on Wasi Lake. Enjoy!

Remember, folks. It's simple. Eat, MuslceHack, rest, repeat. Continue until you're where you want to be - odds are it won't take that long. Have a great Thursday!

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