Thursday, February 10, 2011

Biceps and abs day done! NEXT!

Well, this THT 2.0 workout pleasantly surprised me. I don't normally dumbell curl, unless I'm doing hammer curls for "extra credit" after an arms workout. It took me a couple of reps to get the motion down again, but then I was good to go.

In a moment of blondness, I swapped the barbell curl for cabled straight-bar curls (which probably wasn't all that detrimental) instead of incline dumbell curls. Incline dumbells curls, being at the end of the biceps sets, still actually managed to kick my ass.

And then there's abs. Oh man.

Weighted decline situps. I live for these now.

Kneeling cable crunches - it took me a few reps to find my appropriate weights and to get the motion down. I think I've got it now. Can I ever feel those when I'm done my two sets.

Weighted hanging leg raises. Problem. I couldn't find the weight belt I've seen others use at the gym for exactly this purpose (and weighted dips). So, I did hanging side oblique crunches and leg raises. I always get a mental kick out of doing the hanging ab work freehanded because it just feels powerful not relying on straps or anything.

One of the guys I work out with occasionally, indeed one of my past winners, remarked how I made it look easy. He then tried a few knee raises. He managed, but he confessed that it was far tougher than it looks.

"Well", I told him, "it's not about what looks easy or hard. It's about what keeps you moving and what gives you results. If you can't do many of those yet, don't worry. You/ll be able to soon enough."

Also, today is day #2 of no coffee, no caffeine. Yesterday afternoon positively sucked. I felt like I was being dragged through molasses while having a wicked headache. Hopefully today is a better day than the last for that reason alone.


  1. Keep pushing through the barrier with the no caffeine thing! A friend of mine quit caffeine last year and says he's never felt better.

    I did a biceps day today as well and totally smashed it. I can't remember a better arms workout in a while. The guns were seriously pumped for ages afterwards.

  2. Hi Leigh! I'm going to keep at it, although my g/f doesn't get it. She's on her own road to getting healthier so I can't argue with that.

    Biceps days are totally wicked! I'm seriously blown away by the 2.0 Refix.

  3. 3 week of HIT Cycle I'm feeling stronger already. I swear that my bodyfat must have decreased a bit as well, as I've definitely gotten more definition. All in all so far really pleased with the results. Also took your advice with the extra lower back exercises, and also lowered my weight for squat with about 50%. Squats are now deeper (lower) and I can feel that more muscles are recruited! Thanks Adam and keep up the good work.

  4. Hey DK!

    I'm happy to hear that your squats are working the way you want them to! That's great!

    I'm loving 2.0 Refix, man. Mark did a wicked job with it yet again!