Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two quick items of note

Item 1: I swore to myself that I'd keep this blog free of IT-related stuff. However, I'm a firm believer in free tools that allow anyone to assist anyone else with their day-to-day needs - and in this case, potentially MuscleHacking needs. Therefore, I've added a link on the right navbar for TeamViewer. It's a free, full-function tool that allows you to remote desktop, file share, chat / audio chat / video chat and whiteboard with up to 3 other people at once.

In other words, in addition to the obvious IT uses, it would be ideal for reviewing the form and cadence of others (via webcam) and having a short meeting about weightlifting / MuscleHacking with others. I've since sent a link over to Mark McManus, creator / owner of, to see if it would be a benefit to his personal training business. I think it might be. :)

Item 2: As a Total Six-Pack Abs subscriber, I received an offer from Mark regarding his Arms Blast Experiment. I decided to jump in and buy a copy. Unless my plans change, I plan on working A.B.E. in with my THT 2.0 refix cycle, essentially gutting  the existing 2.0 biceps and triceps workout components for the duration of A.B.E.instead. I'll be reporting back on how that goes for sure. Once A.B.E. is done as a mini-cycle, I'll be putting myself back on THT 2.0 refix completely as planned.

Last Consolidation is tomorrow. Then, a few days off until Monday and THT 2.0 refix and the Arms Blast Experiment!

Happy lifting everyone!



  1. Ok, you convinced me. I went and bought it. Now to find time to read it and fold it into my routine (2.0) starting Monday.

  2. Hey John!

    Congrats on the Arms Blast Experiment purchase! I'm interested to hear how you do - and I'm sure Mark would be too!

    It will completely replace my biceps/triceps work next week, and on the days where repeats of A.B.E. would conflict with THT 2.0 stuff, I'll scale 2.0 stuff back so I get the most out of A.B.E.

    Good luck!