Friday, February 18, 2011

Week #2 shoulders day done - BIG progressions

I was not expecting this. I honestly was not. My shoulders were the hardest body part for me to progress with in THT 3.1 HIT.

So, when I hit the gym last night for week #2 of THT 2.0's shoulders day, I was hopefully for progression, determined to hit it hard but completely unexpecting of what was to come.

To put this in context:

  • Week #1
    • Overhead press (adapted from standing barbell press): 130lbs x 6
    • OH press: 110lbs x 10
    • OH press: 90lbs x 9
    • Seated dumbell press: 80lbs x 8
    • DB press: 70lbs x 11
    • DB press (didn't check the sheet!): 60lbs x 10
    • Dumbell delt raise (combined weight): 80lbs x 11
    • Trap shrugs (smith machine): 230lbs x 12 (whoops!)
    • TS: 250lbs x 10
    • TS: 200lbs x 8
  • Week #2
    • OH press: 130lbs x 8
    • OH press: 110lbs x 11
    • OH press: 90lbs x 9
    • DB press: 90lbs x 10
    • DB press: 80lbs x 12
    • DB Delts: 80lbs x 12
    • DB Delts: 70lbs x 12
    • TS: 270lbs x 10
    • TS: 240lbs x 10
    • TS: 230lbs x 10
So, aside from the fact that I mis-judged my opening trap shrug weight for this cycle by not paying attention to my HIT cycle logs, the progression here for one week is still staggering. I'm hoping for at least half of that progression next week!


Happy Friday everyone! Lift safely!

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