Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 2 THT 2.0 Leg day done

I decided to hit this a little early because tomorrow's Valentine's Day and there's nothing romantic about "Babe, I'm going to the gym. Back in an hour or so."

Today was a full-run omn legs, with the only substitution being more leg press instead of hack squat. It's still not there and noone seems to know where the machine went. I'm not thrilled about that. If it's not back next week, I may have to do Smith machine squats.

Stiff-leg deadlifts - I freaking love those! With back day being yesterday, I thought I'd really suck, but thankfully it was the opposite.

After the standing calf raises, I did about 25-26 wide-grtip lat-targeted pull-ups. I can't get enough of how good it feels to do those. I'd do them every day if I could.

Next week I'll have to progress just about  everywhere. I'll also have to go to split sets on standing leg raises as I've maxed out the machine for weight and my reps. Or, pre-exhaust with a full set of "usual" working weight for seated calf raise, followed by a set of max weight for 12 if I can and then the lower-weight second set.

Hockey tonight. Looking forward to it as we were off last week. Valentine's is tomorrow but my angel got her gift early. She looks great with some sparkle in her ears. :)

Mark's gone for a week, but we don't know where. Hopefully he's having a good time!

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