Friday, February 4, 2011

Going to give this another shot

I've given this some thought, and right now I think it makes sense. Perhaps in the future I'll change my mind about it.

I'm going to start tweeting (ugh, I hate that word) more regular updates as my day allows while focusing blog entries around the early morning and evening. I've added a Twitter gadget to the blog in the left navbar so you can see the latest updates. You can also click the link shown and follow me on Twitter if you have an account - or you can just bookmark the page and check back there whenever you wish.

Really, the goal is to tweet my impressions of Mark's Arms Blast Experiment and my thoughts / progress with THT 2.0 Refix. I'll still keep this blog up-to-date, however.

My interest in personal training is quickly approaching critical mass. While I have no desire to leave IT as a career, ultimately I'll need to at least study to become a Certified Personal Trainer if I want to have a little more weight behind the advice that I give people. Of course, thankfully most realize that I'm really an enthusiast and "hobbyist" trainer and that I'm doing what I do to raise people's awareness of personal fitness and health. Also, I don't charge for the advice I give or demonstrations I perform. I fully believe in "paying it forward" when it comes to someone's health.

So, even if I do end up a CPT, I still won't charge for my training services. Time will tell as to how long that takes to become a reality (the certification).

If you're a fairly regular reader here for whatever reason, let me know if you think I ought to "flesh out" my blogging with Twitter updates. I'd appreciate it! Just drop me a comment below this post.

Happy Friday everyone! Lift hard but correctly!

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  1. I'm not a massive fan of twitter either but I decided to start using it to promote the blog. I'll add you!

    Good decision on the CPT stuff. I have to say it's something I'm getting more interested in the deeper I delve into this field.