Tuesday, February 8, 2011

THT 2.0 Refix - Day 1 done

So, leg day was a bit of a mashup - no hack squats and the power rack was constantly busy, so I decided to do 4 sets of leg press. Uhm, yeah. I hope the hack squat machine is back next week. Took the day off stiff-leg deadlifts as I had just done deadlifts yesteday and I didn't want to overtax my lower back. Finished off with standing calf raises.

Just WOW. As much in all as I loved doing THT HIT or Volume 3.1 cycles, it's nice to actually go through and properly re-do THT 2.0.

THT 2.0 was the first MuscleHack workout I ever did. However, because I'm more than a tad pig-headed at times, I didn't do it all correctly all of the time. Couple that with poor eating habits and I actually ended up doing a lot of cutting (of bodyfat) for the first couple of months.

So, today is Chest and Triceps day. I'm not stoked on bench flies (dumbells), so I may yet work in some narrow-grip pec deck. Mark says that's a better idea due to being able to hit your PCP for your chest.

Flat bench will likely be universal-based, while incline bench will likely be dumbell-based unless there's room in the Smith machine at that time. In fact, I could Smith machine everything. I think I like that idea, actually. :D

So, I've watched Mark's video on skullcrushers again and I think I'm good to go for tonight's workout.Really stoked actually! It's funny how a seemingly simple change in routing can bring your mental state up so dramatically! I wasn't bored before, but "changing gears" is always a good thing when weight training.

Happy Tuesday and lift safe folks!

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