Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week #3 legs day done

I took a couple of days off  so that I could enjoy a bit of my weekend with a little more "disconnect" than I normally allow myself. As an "I.T. guy", I'm pretty much connected 24/7 in one fashion or another to the world around me.

Legs day was pretty awesome. The hack squat machine at my gym is still MIA, so I've been working my leg press really hard (4 sets). I skipped straight-leg deadlifts due to time constraints, but I'll likely get those in tonight as I'll have more time for my gym run after work.

This is week #3 on creatine monohydrate as well, and week #2 1/2 off coffee. I could theoretically go back onto it, but I find I don't miss it now. The biggest test for me since my three days of detox (as it were) was on Saturday when we had our monthly maintenance window for work. Normally I'm up by 6:30AM and making a pot of coffee for the next 5-7 hours of work that follows. This time - up at 6:30AM, no need for coffee. Not bad at all!

The rolling incremental gains from this run on THT 2.0 are addictive. I just want to keep moving the weight up because mentally I feel almost invincible doing the weight I'm doing now. But, I know that if I stick to it my gains will just keep coming. I'm sure the creatine is helping out with the "invincible" part, both due to its physiological effects and the mental boost of taking something that is known to increase muscle  growth and volume.

So, I'll keep the progression in check and just keep lifting. Chest and triceps day is today. I think I've become a little addicted to bench press as well. This is totally unlike me. I love it. :)


  1. How do you feel about the creatine? I just notice it gives a lil boost when taking it before working out. For myself. I had to take some when I started, I was actually deficient of that nutrient. How much are you taking?

  2. Hey bud!

    I loaded the first week with 10g of creatine/day, 5g in the morning first thing when I woke up and 5g just after a workout. On non-workout days, I did 5g in the morning and 5g before supper. Creatine absorbs best on an empty stomach.

    Now that I'm off the "loading" phase, I do 5g every morning when I wake up - except yesterday when I forgot *doh* and I took it just before bed on a fairly-empty stomach.

    Creatine shouldn't be a "feel" boost, it should be a "size" boost. I am feeling a bit "bigger" overall since I started taking it, which is probably 50% true and 50% mental.

    If you want a "boost" before working out, check out Mark's post on his homemade "N.O. Explode" - it's caffeine and AAKG if memory serves. I'll link it.


    I'm off all forms of caffeine now, so that's not for me. I have a tub of the 6-Star Muscle stuff (N.O. Fury), but it's also loaded with sugar if memory serves. You can have that if you want it.

  3. That's good. I notice a little energy boost when I take Creatine. Might just be the kind I bought with probably additives. You should see a little bit of size since it's more or less allowing more water into the muscle. Thanx for the N.O Fury offer, I'm good on that, caffeine works opposite on me since I'm ADHD. I'll be the first to say it... Adam taking Creatine = performance enhancing drugs!!!!.

    I couldn't resist. I just thought I'd be a bum n say that. In the 90s Mark McGwire was taking Creatine for his work out and they drummed him up like a witch hunt. If they actually read what it's benefits are, instead of creating a mob would of been a different story.

  4. You're hilarious, dude! Yeah, creatine is nowhere near a "drug", but those who aren't in the know would definitely be quick to label it as one.

  5. I thought you'd enjoy it Adam McGwire ;)