Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week #3 biceps and abs day done

That was a really, really awesome workout. I did elect to switch it up at the end of the biceps portion and performed hammer curls for my last set (after incline seated dumbell curls, one set). I was beyond trashed. It's annyoing sometimes as my left arm is a bit smaller than my right, both in the bicep and in the tricep. It's a constant battle to progress my left faster than my right so I can "catch up". This might not ever be feasible, but I'll keep trying. I did an extra set of single cable curls yesterday for my left arm, but might progress that to two extra sets next week. The same increase for my left tricep too.

I have the same thing with my lower right calf muscle, the inside lower edge flares quite a bit more than my left. So, I've been doing some extra left calf work to try and bring it up too. I've always been a "personal symmetry" guy. The thought of being fairly lopsided unnerves me, not so much in a vanity-geared way but in a "can I depend on each muscle to perform equally?" way.

Shoulders day is today, including a number I wasn't expecting to hit anytime soon - 140lbs for the overhead press. It's been a bit of a "unicorn" for me, so to blast through that now would be AWESOME. Smith machine trap shrugs are up, too.

All I'm waiting for now, truth be told, is for the damn hack squat machine to come back. I love leg press, but not THAT much.

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