Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week #3 chest day done

Wow. Every time I step into the gym, I make an effort to ensure I'm lifting right, that I'm lifting the right amount of weight and that I lift with as much intensity as possible. Chest and triceps day is no exception to those tenets.

Last night, I realized I wasn't benching with as much movement (all the way down) as I should have. So, on my second set... I really laid into myself. Holy crap could I ever feel it after the second set was done!

I also moved to a 30 degree incline bench from a 45 degree setup. Another big difference there, resulting in less weight moved than the previous week. That's ok, a full rep and a full set x 2 are better than doing it wrong. :)

Triceps - these things keep feeling like they're going to catch fire! Another great night of triceps worked. Did some dips at the end, or tried to. Should have called them "gradual negatives-based dips" cause I think I was able to do 3 dips, tops.

The good side: everything's gaining muscle mass everywhere. The down side: I've got a lot of shopping to do in the coming months as a lot of stuff pretty much doesn't fix me right anymore. Work clothes, lazy clothes, going-out clothes, etc.

Biceps and abs today. I've subbed-in standing cabled curls for standing alternating barbell curls. My "finisher" move will still be incline dumbell curls, however. Those last sets really kick my arms into overdrive!

It's a short work-week! Lift hard folks!

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