Monday, February 7, 2011

Upon further review, the play will be revised.

So, I re-read the Arms Blast Experiment this morning as I woke up to the sounds of snowplows and Tank running around being angry at the snowplows for waking everyone up.

Tank, it bears mentioning, is our 90-odd lb Husky / German Shepherd / Bull Mastiff, also known as the "Furry Son". We don't have kids, but we have 4-legged kids. He's a suck and a ham, but he's also quite protective of both Amanda and I. We brought him home 3 years ago this May from a home here in North Bay where the present owners / caretakers didn't want him. He was a large puppy then, and to see them want to discard him for no good reason was heart-breaking. As seen above, in full-on ham mode.

He has since been proven to be an oustanding addition to our lives. I can't go to work in the morning without giving him a hug and scratching his belly.

But, back on topic. I'll be doing 5 weeks of intensive THT 2.0 Refix, followed by the Arms Blast Experiment (off that week completely except for A.B.E.) and then 5 more weeks of THT 2.0. After that point, I'll make a decision about whether I'll do more THT 2.0, a run of THT Volume 3.1 or another round of THT HIT 3.1.

I can only say one thing for sure: I'm stoked on starting THT 2.0 Refix. Everything is ready, including my vitamins and protein, pre-workout and all.

Project: Asgard is a go.

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