Thursday, March 3, 2011

A quick note - a happy one at that!

So, it was "Google myself" time again. "Rep to falure" was the search term. I came up #3.

No AdWords. No other advertising besides the MuscleHack fan page wall and my signature link on the MuscleHack forums.

Wow. That's awesome! Hopefully I'll be able to do my part and help more people learn about Targeted Hypertrophy Training and the MuscleHack ways!

This is great! Onwards and upwards - both with the visibility and the weights!

Keep lifting folks!


P.S. - The blog just passed 1000 pageviews as of today! I've decided that I'll have another contest starting up when it hits 1500 page views! If you want to help the contest start earlier, it's really simple: share this blog with your family and friends, and anyone else who you believe might benefit from the viewpoints of someone who's just trying to do their best to be in the best shape of their life. Cheers!

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