Friday, March 4, 2011

Week #4 shoulders day done

Week #4's shoulders day is done. Really, really done.

A curious thing happened.  I did my usual very minor stretching and then a quick warm-up set for overhead (machine) press. Then, I sat down and banged out the exact same in weight and reps as last week -  but I couldn't do any more. So, I waited for a couple of minutes. Curiously, my shoulders weren't that stressed from the first set. So, I experimented a bit. I decided that I'd sit down and bang out as many more as I could with the same weight (140lbs). Normally it's 1-3 more reps when I'm mucking around like this.

I ended up lifting it easier than the first set and then I banged out 6 more. Uhm, ok!

Hypothesis: I used too much weight (a little over 50% of my "first set weight") as my warm-up weight and my first set, while exhausting, was still a "warm up" set of sorts.

Test: I'll push less weight for a couple more reps to warm up next week and then I'll shoot for at least 8 reps of that weight, effectively ending my time at that weight for my first set.

After that, I still managed to bang out one more set for overhead press, followed by progressions on dumbell overhead press and delt raises.

Trap raises were going to tell the tale. Did I have enough left to progress there as well? I was pretty wrecked by the end of my delt raises.

...yup! I maxed out my 12 reps for my latest weight and now I'll add another 10lbs next week and go for 8 (or more) for my first set there. I also managed to progress on my 2nd and 3rd sets.

Overall, this was likely the best improvement I've had on my shoulders, week-over-week. I love massive progressions. :)

Back day is today, right after work. Can't wait for another BIG day!

Have a great weekend folks!

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